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This Month in GLAM – January 2012

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Front page: Front page
From the team: One year on…
USA report: NARA’s ExtravaSCANza; Kennedy comes to Commons, new partnership with Delaware Art Museum; Whistler’s Mother in high res; brief news
UK report: QRpedia codes in Monmouth; brief news
France report: Public Domain Day, Workshop and GLAM Toolbox
Germany report: Wikipedia Academy; Lange Nächte; QRpedia im Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte
Italy report: Old and New Italian GLAMs contributing to Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons
Mexico report: Content donation in Mexico City
Netherlands report: The Teylers Challenge
Russia report: Wiki Loves Monuments in Russia
Australia and New Zealand report: Australian Paralympic Committee and other Australian and New Zealand GLAM efforts
Africa report: Wikipedia on mobile phones in Africa and WikiAfrica welcomes a Wikipedian in residence at the Africa Centre in Cape Town
Tool testing report: Testing the tools for GLAM stats and metrics
Open Access report: WikiProject Open Access; Featured Frogs; Tool testing
Calendar: February’s GLAM events

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