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This Month in GLAM: May 2012

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  • USA report: OCLC announces Wikipedian in Residence; 2 edit-a-thons; US cultural partnerships report; brief news
  • UK report: Monmouthpedia launches; British Library Wikipedian in Residence
  • Spain report: Wikipedian in Residence at National Art Museum; Wikimedia representation at MuseumNext
  • France report: Cultural lobbying; current and future projects
  • Italy report: Wiki Loves Monuments and Case Studies
  • Germany report: GLAM work in cities across Germany
  • Sweden report: GLAM handbook released; Europeana Awareness project launched
  • Mexico report: Collaborating with local artisans through Museo de Arte Popular
  • Africa report: Lagos Black Heritage Festival and Case Studies
  • Australia and New Zealand report: Wikimedia representation at Intelligent Info conference; editing workshops
  • Open Access report: Open Access developments: politics and software
  • Calendar: June’s GLAM events

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June 2, 2012 at 9:07 PM

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